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RegionHydrogen region Ruhr metropolis

Hydrogen Region Ruhr Metropolis


An established location for energy and future technologies

The Ruhr metropolis is one of the largest conurbations in Europe. Once the coal and steel industrial artery of the continent, today the region is a technological, economic, scientific and cultural centre in the heart of Europe. Not only global corporations are investing here, but also innovative start-up companies - thereby securing top positions for themselves both nationally and internationally. The interplay of high-performance universities and leading scientific research institutes creates ideas for the future in the Ruhr metropolis.

The Ruhr metropolis is Europe's number one energy region. Whether power station technology, regenerative energies, energy supplies, energy technology or energy conversion, between the rivers Ruhr and Lippe innovations are created with which the challenges of the future concerning sustainability and efficiency are mastered. No other region is so broadly positioned in this economic sector as the Ruhr metropolis.