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Projects and Applications


Hydrogen has become part of everyday life

In the Ruhr metropolis there are numerous hydrogen and fuel cell projects currently being planned and implemented, some of which are already directly linked to the daily lives of the people living between the rivers Rhine and Ruhr. The following are the main points of focus in the region:

Green hydrogen: The production of green hydrogen is being pushed forward simultaneously in three projects in order to improve the infrastructural conditions for the decentralised, CO2-neutral use of hydrogen.

Mobile applications: Fuel cells that use hydrogen as the energy source are to be found in a variety of mobile applications all over the world. Test fleets such as buses, light trucks and load-carrying bicycles are already in use on the roads of the Ruhr metropolis and being tested under real conditions as part of the HYCHAIN-MINI-TRANS project.

Stationary applications: Hydrogen and fuel cell systems are made use of in a wide variety of stationary applications. Examples of the overall spectrum of the immobile applications include heating technology, from the private house to the supply of residential estates with combined heat and power plants. Fuel cell technology is firmly established in the field of emergency power supply systems. Here, fuel cell technology is used in aviation and shipping, computer centres and hospitals.

Further starting points for fuel cell systems are projects for the storage and generation of renewable energy. The production of regenerative energy often depends on the season or time of day. Here, hydrogen is used for storing surplus production in order to compensate for subsequent supply bottlenecks. Hydrogen therefore holds the key position in self-sufficient energy supply concepts.

Besides the recovery of energy in fuel cells, hydrogen is also used as a fuel in gas motor combined heat and power units, such as those at the local Welheimer Mark school in Bottrop. To this purpose regeneratively produced hydrogen from the waste water treatment plant of the Emschergenossenschaft is used in Bottrop.

Stationary applications such as emergency power supply systems, complementary energy systems based on hydrogen and combined heat and power plants are produced and operated directly in the Ruhr metropolis.